2024: Resonance 

Design Team: Project Lead: Afshin Ashari (University of Guelph) and Amir Ashari (Ashari Architects) University of Guelph Department of Landscape Architecture Student Team: Ali Ebadi, Ramtin Shafaghati, Zackary Tammaro-Cater; AshariArchitects Design Team: Sara Nazemi, Anahita Kazempour, Hakimeh Elahi, Yasaman Sirjani, Zahra Jafari; Tech Team: Kaveh Eshraghian, Roozbeh Moayyedian
(Canada & Iran)


WINTERACTION, resonating with OneCanada and WE[AR] projects, is a dual installation in Iran and Canada. It fosters solidarity and social interaction between the two nations. Visitors are invited on an introspective journey through a labyrinth, symbolizing a complex and challenging quest, leading from confusion to enlightenment, to reach inner peace. At the center, a virtual tree emerges as a symbol of peace and alliance, evolving dynamically with visitor interactions at both locations. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Winter Stations, WINTERACTION transcends mere local interaction, integrating into Canada’s diverse cultural tapestry. This project champions human connections across borders, advocating for shared experiences, peace, and friendship.