We Caught A UFO!

2024: Resonance 

Design Team: Xavier Madden and Katja Banović
(Croatia and Australia)


We Caught a UFO! builds upon the project “In the Belly of a Bear”, which utilised the lifeguard chair by lifting the public above ground into a cozy space, transporting them into a new world. We Caught a UFO! reimagines these qualities by referencing the rumours and whispers of the many UFO sightings across Lake Ontario. However, these rumours can no longer be disputed, as there is now physical proof! Caught under a net, the UFO is wrapped in glued aluminum foil which glimmers in the light, contrasting its surroundings as a foreign object. The public (especially kids!) are encouraged to explore the UFO and can climb up into the main space where pink plexi windows transform the beach into a new tinted landscape or planet! Ultimately, We Caught a UFO! is an installation which stimulates the public’s imagination while also providing a necessary shelter from the wind and cold.