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Is it possible to come up with a single idea that engages all of the lifeguard stations? Or will it need to be specific to any individual station?
Your submission should target only a single lifeguard station. Your design should also not target a specific lifeguard stand along the beach, as it is unknown which station will be used until construction.
Is there a prescribed location for the shepherd's hook on the lifeguard chair?
Typically, the shepherd's hook leans against the ring buoy hook.
Do the lifeguard towers have any foundation system?
The stands extend about 2 feet into the sand with an angle iron connecting the legs around the bottom to prevent lift or sinking. They are however quite sturdy and take a team with shovels well over an hour to move.
Does the tide at any of the five station locations ever come up to within 5m of the station? Should our designs account for the possibility of being flooded by lake water?
While the tide is very minimal, a few of the stations do come within very close proximity to the water. Designs should take this under consideration as large waves and multiple-meter-thick ice accumulations do have the potential to adversely impact the stations.
Is it possible to create temporary foundations (footings or piers) to resist against severe weather like wind?
You may use sand anchors to give tension if necessary however you may not use any load-bearing/concrete foundations.
Can the emergency buoy / shepherd's hook be relocated?
The locations of the shepherd's hook/buoy can be determined at a later date however they must be retained and clearly visible wherever they are placed.
Is it possible to move the 'No lifeguard on duty' signage? Either up or down from the existing station or possibly to a separate location near the boardwalk?
The signage cannot be moved but it can be duplicated and the information made available elsewhere by the designer. This would be deducted from the construction budget.
Would there be any power supplied for the installations? Can we use a generator?
The stations will not have any access to power or the use of a generator.
Can part of the construction budget be used to purchase equipment such as solar panels, batteries, lights, etc.?
Yes, you may allocate some of the budget towards those items.
Would there be any access to water?
Water will not be available apart from the Lake. Depending on the severity of the weather this access may also be limited.
Would there be access to additional snow? Either brought in by snow plow or a nearby hockey rink?
Any additional import of snow would have to be included in the construction budget.
Is it reasonable to extend the budget by using materials provided free-of-charge by the entrant's contacts?
Yes, you may use materials provided for free if you wish.
If donations are made to the competition to facilitate completion of the project, could a tax receipt be provided?
No. Winterstations Inc. is a not-for-profit entity without the ability to issue a tax receipt.
Can costs be shared between teams? For example, heavy equipment for the lifting or delivery of materials?
While possible, this will be at the discretion of the general contractor and should not be relied upon as part of your submission.
Can we modify the steel structure in any way (such as painting the steel)?
You may not modify the steel structure in any way (including painting) however you may use a tape or vinyl covering as a way to change the colour or detail of the stand.
Can the public/viewers access the top of the chair where the lifeguard sits?
Yes, the public/viewer may access the top of the chair if you wish.
Does the lifeguard stand have to support our installation structurally? Or can it be freestanding?
The lifeguard stands do not have to physically support the installation however you should consider how you incorporate them into your proposal. They should not be ignored.
Can the work involve excavation of the sand either around or next to the lifeguard station? If yes, would the displaced sand have to be returned?
While possible, it would add significant cost to your installation. Any excavation would be required to keep an approx. 60cm distance from the lifeguard stand (you cannot move or relocate the stand). You would not need to use the excavated sand however the sand would also need to be replaced, adding further cost.
From which direction are the prevailing winds on-site?
The prevailing winds come from the South-West. Refer to the Canadian Wind Energy Atlas for more information.
Who owns the structure at the end of the display, and what happens to the installations?
Winter Stations owns the structure at the end of the exhibition. The installations will under most circumstances be dismantled and the materials either recycled or donated.
If teams receive a donation of materials would they be able to acknowledge the supplier's sponsorship?
Yes, you may credit the supplier's sponsorship.
Until when can proposals be revised?
Proposals can be revised and edited from the submit page (when logged in) right up until the deadline of November 3rd.
Is there a limit to the number of submissions entrants can send in?
There is no limit to the number of teams competition participants can be a part of, however each project will have to be registered independently.
What if team members collaborate on one or more teams? Are they eligible to enter multiple entries in that fashion?
There is no limit to the number of teams competition participants can be a part of, however each project will have to be registered independently.
How do you submit a proposal?
The electronic registration form is available by clicking "Sign Up" at the top right of the page. Once you have signed up, an email confirmation with your username and password will be emailed to you and your team. Use these credentials to log in (also at the top right of the page). Once you have logged in, click on "submit" from the menu and follow instruction contained therein.
My country does not appear in the list of countries on the registration form - Am I still eligible to enter the competition?
The Winter Stations Design Competition is open to anyone from any country. If for some reason your country is not listed on the registration form, let us know at so that it may be added to the list.
What happens if participants are unable to make the trip to Toronto?
Attendance is not mandatory as the organizers will be on-hand to provide construction services, however we do encourage the winners to attend the opening to ensure and assist in construction and to meet the public and media to explain their concepts. We would wish to be able to welcome all winners to the celebrations of their installations however are we mindful that this is not always possible.
The submission requirements include "Layout of selected images and drawings describing the project." - Do participants have to include images here that are different from those required on Page Two? Can the images/drawings on Page One provide support for the 150 word description on this page?
The selected images and drawings requested for page one are intended to be broader representations and illustrations of your scheme. These images are meant to illustrate how you perceive the project and what you mean to say. The views or elevations requested for page one should be specific and should best illustrate the intended construction.
Will the Winter Stations have a staff/volunteer person present during the day to help with the "operation" of the station? For example if a fire needed to be made, is it expected that this would be done by the public, or would someone come make a fire for an hour per day? What about replacing the firewood?
There should be no assumption that Winter Stations will have somebody on-site to facilitate programming.
Can we include multi-page pdfs as part of our submissions?
Apart from your CV (Page Three), you may NOT include multi-page pdf files as part of your submission. In the event that you do, the jury and public will only see the first page.
Can we embed video or other special features into the pdf submissions?
Please do not embed any video into your pdf submissions as they will be converted to jpegs and presented to the jury in hard-copy.
Is it necessary to mark the pdf sheets in a way that identifies the team?
There cannot be any marks or symbols that identify the individual or the team. If there are they will be disqualified. This is required in order that the jury not be compromised.
Can the project name identify the entrants?
Entrants must not use a project name that can be used to identify a company or individual. If they do they will be disqualified.