Making Waves

2024: Resonance 

Design Team: Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel


Making Waves is a whimsical piece of furniture that represents the ways that simple actions can ripple outwards to “resonate” across time and space, moving and impacting others in surprising ways. The installation takes the form of an exaggerated couch, forming an unusual urban living room where neighbours can gather, play, and sit together by the water. Inspired by kinetic sculptures and whirligigs, the design is composed of a series of parts that dance when cranks are turned. Wooden slats act as rippling bench that rock and move those who are sitting, and vertical poles tipped with glowing globes bob in the air to signal people from afar. Making Waves pays homage to the 10 years of Winter Stations and the ways that public art can foster shared delight, contemplation, and play that brings together strangers and friends in public space.