ARc de Blob

2021: Refuge 

Design Team: iheartblob: Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James and Shaun McCallum


ARc de Blob is a colourful landmark: a point of orientation, interaction and refuge. This architectural object creatively mixes physical materials with the ability to digitally interact and connect through a Mixed Reality App. The installation creates incredible virtual worlds – a figurative refuge where we can interact, connect and play. The physical form references iconic architectural composition and elements; and is contrasted with colourful materials and patterns that create a warm and welcoming shelter. The arch itself acts as a frame for a virtual portal / refuge seen in Mixed Reality – a space of new digital worlds: creative environments designed to encourage visitors to play and interact together digitally and physically. Ultimately, the piece is an evolving mix of digital art and physical architecture that creates playful interactions between these realities.To view an interactive, augmented reality of ARc de Blob from your home, visit: